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Whether you're a staff or board member, Jon Close is here to help your small organization thrive!

Board Governance

Gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of board members, board governance principles, fund management, and more. Ready to take your board to the next level? Check out our Board Governance Solutions.


Grant Writing

Develop your grant writing skills with our comprehensive training program. From tips on how to write a strong proposal, to understanding the funding process, we'll equip you with everything you need to know.


Developmental Lending

Looking to enhance your skills as both a lender and a small business coach? Our Developmental Lending solutions provide lenders of all experience levels with the tools they need to build their confidence and gain new insights.


5 Steps for Getting (and Keeping) Engaged Board Members

In this guidebook, we outline five easy steps you can use to stimulate engagement and create high-performing board leaders. 

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Board Governance Insider

Join hundreds of other industry professionals. Keep up-to-date with board governance topics and strategies to keep your organization toward success.

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What to Consider Before Accepting a Board of Director Position

Non-Profit Success Starts with Defining Its Major Purpose


Board Governance Solutions

Lead your non-profit organization with these comprehensive courses.

Board Succession Planning
8 Steps to Success

In this training series, Jon provides the 8 steps to succession planning success – steps that will save time and help your board proactively identify and recruit the right candidates to fill upcoming vacancies at the right time. 


How to Protect Your Organization
Identify and Manage Risk

In this short 3-part training series, Jon equips you with the tools required to help your board incorporate risk identification in management into its governance process.


5 Secrets to an Effective Board Meeting

In this training, Jon provides non-profit leaders with insight on how to plan and lead an effective meeting plus the importance of regular meeting performance review. 


9 Success Principles of Great Boards

This online training program is chock full of proven and valuable tips and tools that explain success principles and prepare your board to lead more effectively.


I'm Jon Close

As a seasoned leader, I have trained small business owners and non-profit leaders for over 30 years.

My expertise includes teaching people how they can best utilize their skills using proven techniques that have been geared specifically towards working within Non-Profit Organizations.

As a transformational leadership coach, keynote speaker and trainer, I have helped thousands of people across Canada to reach their potential. 

My experience in the non-profit sector combined with my passion will give us plenty of practical knowledge on how best practices can be applied at every level from board of directors all way down through executives and/or volunteer.


"Following the delivery of the 1-day Board Governance Leadership workshop, I received great feedback from all board members. They found the content very helpful in understanding their role. They are more confident in participating in the conversations and they better understand the board package content and the policies needed."

- Anonymous, Board Chair

"I trusted Jon's knowledge because he backed up his content with real life examples. I thoroughly enjoyed that part! Though the material is delivered at a quick pace, we were provided with ample opportunity to question and share. I'm sure I will refer to the resources on a regular basis."

- Carmen J.

"I always look forward to the learning workshop sessions with Jon and his team."

- Sherry

"Very good. I learned a lot! Thanks and I would attend other workshops. The facilitator was very engaging and interesting too."

- Tanya