Developmental Lending Leaders Course

Training Program for Developmental Lenders

Program Background

The developmental lending leaders training program is designed to provide developmental lenders (Community Futures, Women Enterprise Centres, Indigenous Lending Organizations) and their lending support teams of all experience levels with enhanced skill and confidence as they undertake their role in the developmental lending process. This proven training program provides participants with the opportunity for ongoing interaction within the group plus one-on-one discussions with their developmental lending trainer/coach. 

This approach to learning provides participants with general to advanced knowledge of developmental lending while helping them sharpen their ability to be a confident leader in the small business community as well as a developmental lender. 

The training is provided in a group setting over a relatively short time frame. One-on-one coaching allows each participant to enhance existing and newly acquired developmental lending skills.  

“The CF Developmental Lending course was a great learning experience and provided me with many tools with which to do my day-to-day work. I look forward to utilizing the tools provided to improve my efficiency as a developmental lender.” – Keith A.

"After going through our lesson have my first couple clients call in for a loan request I was able to reflect on some of the teachings and judge by character and the capacity of the client before continuing with the next step of the loan application. Thank you again for the lessons on Developmental Lending and giving me more tools to work with in my position." - Jocelyne Teal

Program Delivery Platform

All training is delivered using ZOOM in private, secure, invitation only and password protected sessions.

Registration, payment, and course content is done through UpCloseTeam web learning platform.

Recommended Sessions

Twelve training sessions plus two financial analysis group discussion sessions are provided during the eight-week program subscription period. Training sessions run 75 minutes with each scheduled financial analysis group session being one hour in length.   

The developmental lender training I took was very well presented in an easy-to-understand format. Jon provided excellent examples and helped me to feel more confident and reinforced things that I already knew in my job. I highly recommend this program!” – Val R.

"I want to thank the whole team for the course. It was very well done, professional delivered and helped me to gain confidence in areas where I don't have a lot of experience. I expect to be referring to the materials for some time to come." - Katie N.

Training and Subscription Pricing

$597.00/participant (GST Included)

What is included:

  • Training delivery (12 sessions) + 2 group exercise sessions + 1 bonus session
  • 24/7 on-line access to training videos, workbooks, and resources materials
  • One-hour one-on-one coaching and mentoring time for each participant
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I trusted Jon's knowledge because he backed up his content with real life examples. I thoroughly enjoyed that part! Though the material is delivered at a quick pace, we were provided with ample opportunity to question and share. I'm sure I will refer to the resources on a regular basis”. – Carmen J.